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“Paving the Way” – Brick Fundraiser

As we look back at 20 years gone by and look forward to another 20 years, we’re excited at taking the Southern Door Commmunity Auditorium into an entirely new direction. A beautiful performing arts center that not only serves the school district but also Door County and beyond. To support these endeavors and provide the best in sound quality for our guests and visiting artists, we will soon begin “Paving the Way” with our brick fundraiser kickoff.
Individuals, families and businesses will have the opportunity to leave a legacy-whether it’s parents buying a brick for their graduating student, a business reaffirming their support to the community, or a family remembering a loved one-bricks will be available in multiple sizes to suit all tastes. When finished, the bricks will create a scenic gathering plaza right outside the auditorium entrance. The area will be completed with benches, auditorium signage and sculptures.
Please contact us online with any questions on this exciting project.
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Please check back to see how you can order a brick once plans and fundraiser details are finalized.

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