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Frequently Asked Questions
If you have a question regarding ticketing or what to expect when you attend a performance at the SDCA, chances are others have had that same question. We have a number of commonly asked questions answered below. If you still have questions, please submit a question by email or by phone at (920) 493.5979
Who is ShowTix4U?
ShowTix4U is our web-based event ticket system that provides an extremely efficient and easy-to-use ticketing solution. There are many reasons we chose this system, but the biggest reason is that it will make it quick and easy to purchase tickets while maintaining a consistent platform for events at the SDCA.
What changes will I see?
While you can still buy tickets over the phone or in-person, you now have the option of purchasing your tickets online! For events with reserved seating, you will be able to pick your exact seat(s). We now have the ability to accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express (we still accept personal checks and cash). Lastly, you will be able to print your own tickets at home with a standard printer.
I lost my ticket or have account questions with my ShowTix4U account.
If you need help with your account, lost your ticket and need to re-print it, or have other questions, please visit ShowTix4U.
Attending a show
Can I take pictures, video or audio recordings?
Each performer or artist specifies these in the contract agreement, and we must ensure those requests are followed. For most touring groups, recordings or photography is usually prohibited. Many school events, on the other hand, allow for recordings and photography. Pre-show announcements, which occur immediately prior to curtain for each event, will specify the policy.
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