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Seating Chart
Each and every seat at the Southern Door Community Auditorium offers an unobstructed view and great sightline. Furthermore, the natural acoustics of the space are outstanding and ensure that-regardless of where you sit-the sound quality will be superb. As you’ll find out, the Southern Door Community Auditorium maintains an intimate setting between performer and audience.
The total capacity is 592, with 311 found in the orchestra section and 281 found in the loge level. There are 12 removable handicap seats located in the orchestra section.
The Orchestra Level is raked with staggered seats. Seats that are house left of the center aisle are odd-numbered; seats that are house right of the center aisle are even-numbered. The Loge Level is tiered with staggered seats. The Loge Left section consists of odd-numbered seats; the Loge Center section consists of consecutively-numbered seats, and the Loge Right section
consists of even-numbered seats.

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